courtknows: She a-doors my jokes. @brittsnowhuh

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Brittany Snow accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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'Mixology': Vanessa Lengies explains her shout-out to Brittany Snow and upcoming 'Sliding Doors' episode

"Shut up. Shut up." [ laughs] That line was actually a throwback to Brittany Snow when we were doing “American Dreams” way back in the day. We both lived in this apartment complex together because we both moved — I moved from Canada and she moved from Florida — and we had this neighbor who would talk on her phone really late at night. She would just be like, “Shut up! Shut. Up. Shut up!” So when I said that line at the end of the last episode when Dom says he’s ready to go all in and move forward with our relationship, I purely did that for Brittany Snow. That was a pure throwback message to Brittany Snow. 

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