And yet we’d like to be like her, 'cause she's the kitten that the cats prefer!

caydenphez : you are a brittany fan as i am, i'm from the tampa area and started a petition about brittany supporting the rays since she's supported the bucs and the bolts but never anything for the rays! do you think you could share it? the link is in my tumblr!!

Publishing for anyone who might be interested in this. :)

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20 New Year’s Resolutions from Young Hollywood’s Brightest

Name: Brittany Snow

Gig: One of the stars of Pitch Perfect, will begin work on Pitch Perfect 2 soon

Resolution: “Learn how to not embarrass myself all the time!”

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Brittany Snow in 2013 | Favourite Outfits

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Anonymous : What is your favorite colour


(I just realised I have no idea what Brittany’s favourite colour is though… Why is this so important for me to know?)